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Agrigenomics - Marcos De Donato Capote, Ph.D.

Marcos De Donato Capote, Ph.D.

Scientific Committee

BSc in Biology from Universidad de Oriente, Cumana, Venezuela, and PhD in Genetics from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA. Visiting Research Professor at Cornell University, New York, USA, for 2 years. Professor for 22 years at the Universidad de Oriente, teaching courses and carrying out research in molecular diagnostics and epidemiology of pathogens, as well as molecular and population genetics of animals. Worked as a Geneticist for Pig Improvement Company for 2 years, in charge of Latin American clients. Worked also advising genetic improvement programs in shrimp from Venezuela, Panama, Nicaragua and Mexico breeding centers. Since 2015, working as a professor at the Tecnologico de Monterrey, campus Queretaro, in the Bioengineering Department for the careers of Biotechnology Engineer and Agri-Food Biosystems Engineer. Conducts research in microbial and animal genetics and genomics, focused on biotechnological applications in health, animal production and aquaculture, and in charge of the Genomics Unit at the Bioengineering Center. Has published more than 90 scientific articles in indexed journals, with more than 2,700 citations (ResearchGate) and has presented more than 200 papers at scientific events in different countries. Carrying out research collaborations with scientists from USA, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Venezuela, Spain and Ecuador, among others. It is currently an associate editor of BMC Genomics journal (Springer Nature editorial) since 2018. It belongs to the National System of Researchers of Mexico (SNI) at level II (of 3 levels). Currently doing research on the use of the genomic information of microorganisms to understand infectious and metabolic diseases, their evolution and the establishment and progression of microbial communities and applications of microbial metabolites in agriculture and industry. In addition, application of genomics to study economically important animal populations, evolution of genes and genomes and traits in animals applied to aquaculture and livestock production.

Agrigenomics - Rocío Alejandra Chávez Santoscoy, Ph.D.

Rocío Alejandra Chávez Santoscoy, Ph.D.

Scientific Committee

Dr. Chávez Santoscoy is an Assistant Research Professor and leader of the National Genomic Sequencing Laboratory Tec BASE. She has been Member of the National System of Researchers Level 1 from 2015 to date and member of the American Society for Nutrition, American Association of Cereal Chemists, Mexican Association of Food Science AMECA A.C. Their research areas include: Nanotechnology in the Food Industry, Design of Functional Ingredients in Circular Economy, Nanotechnology in Harvest and Postharvest for the use of food by-products, Nutrigenomics, Study on the change in gene expression by food intake, Focused on Chronic Degenerative diseases, Genomics focused on chronic diseases.

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