Agrigenomics - Dr. Rajeev Kumar Varshney

Dr. Rajeev Kumar Varshney

Director, State Agricultural Biotechnology Centre, Murdoch University, Australia.

Professor Varshney is a Clarivate Analytics’ highly cited researcher in the field of Agricultural Science, specializing in genomics, genetics, molecular breeding and capacity building in developing countries. He is engaged in discovering, developing, and delivering innovative R&D solutions to tackle wicked problems facing global agriculture.

Professor Varshney has made significant contributions to improving food security in Asia and Africa by creating genomic resources of major “orphan” tropical crops. He has developed and deployed DNA marker technologies for the identification of useful genetic variation in tropical crops. Varshney, together with his team, has used these resources and technologies to identify genetic loci/candidate genes for drought and pest tolerances in key staple crops for sub-Saharan Africa and India. He has initiated and led major international programs that are creating and delivering superior crop varieties to some of the world’s poorest farmers.

Professor Varshney has supervised large international teams (up to 200 members) representing a range of diversity in ethnicity, nationality and gender. In these roles, he has provided expertise in R&D management, product development, innovative ideas and promoted an inclusive culture and inter-disciplinary and collaborative research ecosystem. His leadership efforts have led mainstreaming of genomics in crop breeding programs at many institutes in several countries including India, China, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso (http://profiles.murdoch.edu.au/myprofile/rajeev-varshney/)