Agrigenomics - Dr. Kristian Stevens

Dr. Kristian Stevens

Departments of Computer Science and Evolution and Ecology UC-Davis KEYNOTE SPEAKER

Principal Bioinformatician and Lecturer of Computer Science in the Departments of Computer Science and Evolution and Ecology and Foundation Plant Services at the University of California Davis. Dr. Stevens is a Computer scientist with nearly twenty years of experience as a bioinformatician in both academia and the Silicon Valley biotech industry. He specializes in the analysis of data derived from advanced sequencing technologies with application to genomics, population genomics, and metagenomics. He has authored 50 publications with over 6000 citations receiving multiple journal covers. As the Principal Bioinformatician for Foundation Plant Services, he is responsible for developing and executing metagenomic assays for the detection of viruses using next generation sequencing. In the Computer Science department, he enjoys developing and teaching computer science courses accessible to biologists with the pretext that computer science is the new math. He received his Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of California at Davis under the supervision of Dan Gusfield.