Agrigenomics -  Dr. Felipe de Jesús Ruiz López

Dr. Felipe de Jesús Ruiz López


Dr Felipe Ruiz has more than 35 years carrying out research, teaching and consultancy activities in genetic improvement of dairy cattle. He is a veterinary doctor and has a diploma in micro, small and medium Business Administration from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Dr. Ruiz concluded his master's and doctorate studies at Cornell University.

He is a senior researcher at the National Center for Research in Animal Physiology and Improvement of the National Institute for Forest, Agricultural and Livestock Research (INIFAP).

His area of ​​interest is the genetic improvement of dairy cattle, where his work in quantitative genetics resulted in the first national genetic evaluations carried out in Mexico. Recently, his working group has been dedicated to integrating genomic information to Holstein cattle breeding processes; his group is also interested in incorporating Mexican genetic evaluations into international studies so that the country's dairy sector can benefit from genetic advances worldwide.

He is a member of several important scientific associations, such as, the National System of Researchers, Mexican Veterinary Academy, President of the Technical Committee and General Director of the Mexican Holstein Association and Postgraduate Professor at the Faculty of Higher Studies Cuautitlán, UNAM.