Agrigenomics - Dr. Ramón Gerardo Guevara González

Dr. Ramón Gerardo Guevara González

Autonomous University of Queretaro

Dr. Ramón is a full-time professor with expertise in plant biotechnology at the Center for Applied Research in Biosystems (CIAB), Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro.

He coordinates the doctorate in Biosystems Engineering and belongs to SNI as level 3. He is interested in topics of research such as physiology of plant stress, plant biotechnology and molecular phytopathology with 165 publications of articles indexed in JCR, 38 chapters in national and international books, 5 international books published, 5 international patents in addition to advising 25 undergraduate students, 22 master's students and 9 doctoral students.

He has carried out various research stays and a conference entitled "Omic and Molecular Tools in the Study of the Physiology of Stress in Plants: Towards a new form of agricultural production"